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musical documentation
title: Figure in Movement II
sub-title: for piano and real-time audio/visual processing technique

year of composition: 2006
commissioned by: Heather O’Donnell
supported by: DAAD Berlin
realized at: Sonology Department, Kunitachi College of Music and TU Berlin

duration: ca. 10 min.
____place: Tesla, Berlin, Germany
____date: January 25, 2007
____musician: Heather O’Donnell (piano)
____live electronic system (Max/MSP+Jitter, 4ch loudspeaker)

program note:
This piece was composed for piano and real-time audio/visual processing technique. During the piece, the motion of the performer’s hands will be captured by a digital video camera and sent to the computer. The video signal will be processed in real-time in various ways (programmed with Max/MSP+Jitter software), then projected to a screen. Additionally, elements from the piano and piano-based live-electronic sounds (such as spectrum, amplitude, attack etc.) will be sampeled and then applied to the visual image processing parameters. Thus, two very different components of piano performance, namely the physical and gestural movement of the hands on the keyboard, and the resulting sounds of the piano, are « modulated » by one another on the screen.
This piece was commissioned by the pianist Heather O’Donnell, and realized at the Sonology Department of Kunitachi College of Music in Japan and at the Electronic Music Studio of TU Berlin, supported by DAAD Berlin.

Figure in Movement II: photo by Maja Neitzel

further performance:
____concert: Piano Optophonique – the « visualization of music » at Klangwerktage
____place: Kampnagel
____date: November 25, 2008
____musician: Heather O’Donnell (piano)

____concert: Piano Optophonique – the « visualization of music » at Sinus Ton Festival
____place: Konservatorium Georg Philipp Telemann, Magdeburg, Germany
____date: October 18, 2008
____musician: Heather O’Donnell (piano)

____concert: MANTIS 07: NOVARS Launch
____place: The University of Manchester, the United Kingdom
____date: November 3, 2007
____musician: Richard Whalley (piano)

____concert: Piano Optophonique – the « visualization of music »
____place: Tesla, Berlin, Germany
____date: January 26, 2007
____musician: Heather O’Donnell (piano)