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musical documentation
title: Figure in Movement III
sub-title: for double-bass and electronics

year of composition: 2007
commissioned by: DAAD Berlin
realized at: Sonology Department, Kunitachi College of Music and TU Berlin

duration: ca. 15 min.
____place: Wasserspeicher in Plenzlauer berg, Berlin, Germany
____date: September 22, 2007
____musician: John Eckhardt (double-bass)
____live electronic system (Max/MSP, 5ch loudspeaker)

program note:
This “site specific” work was developed for double-bass and real-time interactive electronic system, in collaboration with the bassist John Eckhardt. The sound projection concept is focused on making acoustic variation and composition using the frequency-mode difference between the 5 rooms in Wasserspeicher. The frequency bias of electroacoustic at each loud speaker is continuously shifted and it makes unique sound gradation. With special improvising technic by Eckhardt, very sensitive double-bass sound becomes particular sources of the electroacoustic. This will be algorithmically expanded and projected in the space by the computer. Especially, to realize the concept, various spectrum processing such as spectrum panning, spectrum delay, phase processing were employed.

further performance:
____concert: Sinus Ton Festival
____place: Konservatorium Georg Philipp Telemann, Magdeburg, Germany
____date: October 17, 2008
____musician: John Eckhardt (double-bass)