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musical documentation
title: Nature of Sand
sub-title: for guitar, 13 strings koto and electronics

year of composition: 2009
realized at: Sonology Department, Kunitachi College of Music

duration: ca. 6 min.
____place: Instituto Cervantes, Tokyo, Japan
____date: November 6, 2009
____musician: Norio Sato (guitar), Maya Kimura (koto)
____guitar, 13-strings koto
____live electronic system, 4ch loudspeaker

program note:
This piece was composed for guitar, 13-strings koto and electronics. The sound creation is based on the crossing point between conception which I flashed while playing at a sandbox, and my long-years development of granular sampling technique. The piece consists of three parts which are titled as “Sara-sara (dry and smooth)”, “Boso-Boso (dry and crumbly)” and “Doro-Doro (muddy)”. The electronics part was realized by means of Max and Pro Tools at Kunitachi College of Music.

further performance:
____concert: Guitar, Koto and electronics
____place: Shibuya Koendori-classics, Tokyo, Japan
____date: May 11, 2013
____musician: Norio Sato, guitar Maya Kimura, nijugo-gen-so